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There are five centenarian farmers in Romania. Two of them are from Arges County and were visited by the Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea

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There are five farmers in Romania who have passed the age of 100. Two such centenarian farmers in Arges County were visited by Agriculture Minister Petre Daea.

Constantin Năstase from Mioveni will be 103 years old in June. He has been a mathematics professor and has over 10 hectares of wheat, corn, lucerne, fruit trees and pasture. The Minister of Agriculture's visit took him by surprise.

Rodica Nicolau from Bălileşti is 101 years old and is an example to follow.

The woman can not work the 6 hectares cultivated with plums, apples and pears, but it is helped by the family.

The centuries-old owners of Argeş have much greater emotions in production than in years of life.